OSA Young Professionals Town Hall Meetings

OSA Young Professionals Town Hall Meetings are a unique opportunity for Young Professionals to foster collaboration, networking and the exchange of information between optics and photonics professionals in their local communities. Members of the OSA Young Professionals Program may apply for funding (up to $1,000 USD) to organize and host a town hall meeting in their area. Proposed meetings should bring together members of academia, industry and government to engage in a collaborative discussion on a topic of interest as well as provide attendees with the opportunity to foster relationships with peers and leaders in the field. If you are interested in hosting an OSA Young Professionals Town Hall Meeting, additional information about planning a meeting is available online.

Please use the following form to propose an OSA Young Professionals Town Hall Meeting you would be interested in hosting. Meeting proposals should include a potential agenda and budget, examples of which can be found here. Your proposal should be submitted approximately three months before the proposed meeting date. If selected, OSA can offer support for your Town Hall Meeting by assisting in identifying potential speakers and attendees, assisting with publicity and marketing, offering administrative support and identifying local volunteers to assist with the meeting.

The OSA Young Professionals Town Hall Meetings are funded by a grant from The OSA Foundation


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