Photonic Metamaterials (OP)

This group provides a forum for those working on problems related to fundamental and applied aspects of waves in random and periodically nanostructured materials as well as plasmonics. Random media encompasses transmission through, scattering from, and imaging in turbulent and static disordered media as well as the statistical nature of wave propagation and its connection to photon diffusion and localization. Partial coherence, coherent backscattering, temporal, spectral and spatial correlation within the speckle pattern, and random lasing are important topics in this area. The focus on periodic media is exciting because such nano-fabricated structures enable photonic engineering of metamaterials with novel properties. Examples include left-handed materials, negative index materials and photonic and plasmonic bandgap materials. These structured materials allow the control of spontaneous emission and lasing. Other areas of interest include plasmonic nanomaterials, transmission through voids in metallic surfaces, and scattering from metal dielectric surfaces. Optical enhancements in metallic and dielectric systems and their applications to photon guiding and sensing are also important.

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Mikhail Noginov Norfolk State University, United States Chair
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Photonic Metamaterials will be hosting a panel discussion on the fundamentals and applications of various types of metamaterials at CLEO:2014

Tuesday, 10 June
19:30 - 21:30
Executive Ballroom 210E at the Convention Center

The following panelists have confirmed their participation:
1. Federico Capasso (Harvard University).
2. Nader Engheta (University of Pennsylvania).
3. Natalia Litchinitser (University at Buffalo The State University of New York).
4. Viktor Podolskiy (University of Massachusetts Lowell).
5. Vladimir M. Shalaev (Purdue University).
6. Xiang Zhang (University of California Berkeley).
7. Nikolay I. Zheludev (University of Southampton).
We cordially invite you to participate in the session and share your ideas.

RSVP is not required but highly encouraged (for planning purposes).
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