Fundamental Laser Sciences (OF)

Optical Interaction Science

Fundamental Laser Sciences (OF)

This group covers the study of material systems and the basic physics involved in demonstrating new lasing systems or discovering new lasing phenomena. Potential new laser systems might be discovered in gases, crystals, amorphous and ceramic materials, semiconductors and liquids. This includes fundamentally new laser approaches that introduce new wavelengths, increase power and efficiency, circumvent thermal issues, and improve beam quality.  It also covers new operating regimes that for instance generate ultra-short pulses, or extend the range of laser wavelengths. Studies of new quantum and waveguide effects, including quantum dot and photonic band gap structures designed to lower thresholds, generate new or controlled frequencies, and/or permit lasing in previous regimes are within the purview of this group.

Senior Optical Engineer | Nistica
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 21:26:00 EST

Process Engineer | Nistica
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 21:32:00 EST

Senior Diamond Turning Technician | Inrad Optics, Inc.
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 11:51:00 EST

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Name Affiliation Title
Reinhard Kienberger Max-Planck-Institue fur Quantenoptik, Germany Chair

Laser Ignition Conference 2014

April 22 - April 25 2014
Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Biophotonics and Imaging Graduate Summer School

June 15 - June 20 2014
Galway, Ireland

International Meeting on Fiber Lasers and Applications

June 23 - June 24 2014
Ramat Gan, NA, Israel

Fiber Lasers and Applications

June 23 - June 24 2014
Ramat-Gan, NONE, Israel

16th International Conference on Laser Optics

June 30 - July 04 2014
Holiday Inn St. Petersburg Moskovskye Vorota, St. Petersburg, RussianFederation
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