Award Nomination Forms

Awards Nomination Forms

The deadline for most OSA awards is 1 October (for awards to be presented the following year). Nominations received after the deadline or those that are incomplete will be held for consideration the following year. The next two consecutive committees automatically consider any nominee not selected for the award. Award recipients are announced in March of the year following the nomination deadline.

Award nominations can be submitted by several means. Nominators may fill out the online submission form below, download the Award Nomination file (PDF) and submit it, or request from the awards department a nomination form in Word format which can be mailed or attached to an e-mail.

Nominators must request four supporting or reference letters. The four letters should be sent directly to OSA (" by the deadline.

Please review the descriptions of each award. Note that not all awards are presented every year. Before nominating, be sure to review all requirements on the Award Selection Process Page.

To submit or request forms, contact

Online Awards Nomination

Directions for submitting your nomination
Select the award the nomination is for from the drop-down menu below.

You must then complete the online submission form that includes contact information for yourself, the nominee and four references. Additionally, you must upload a file containing a one-page narrative description of the significant aspects of the nominee's career; a curriculum vita; publication list and any other material you think will be helpful.

The following provides general guidelines for navigating the submission screens.

Navigating the Submission Screens
On each of the screens, enter the appropriate information into each field and click the Next button to proceed to the next screen. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Clicking the Next button will save your entries as you move from screen to screen.

You may click the Previous button to return to the preceding screen to view or update the information already entered. Once you click the Next button, your changes will be saved.

There is no specific time limit in which you need to complete the submission process. As long as you do not close the submission form in the browser, the information on the saved screens will be available and you can return later and complete the unfinished portion of the submission and submit. If you close the submission form, the information will not be saved.

After completing the Submission Form and uploading your file, the system will generate an email to you with a summary of the submission form information. The email will be sent to the email address you provided on the Your Information screen. Additionally, the last screen provides a read-only summary of the submission form.