R. W. Wood Prize

OSA's R. W. Wood Prize for opticsEstablished by OSA in 1975 to honor the many contributions that R.W. Wood made to optics, this award recognizes an outstanding discovery, scientific or technical achievement, or invention in the field of optics. The accomplishment for which the prize is given is measured chiefly by its impact on the field of optics generally, and therefore the contribution is one that opens a new era of research or significantly expands an established one. It is endowed by the Xerox Corporation.


2014 Michael Bass
2013 Milton Feng
2012 Eric W Van Stryland
Mansoor Sheik-Bahae
2011 Demetrios N. Christodoulides
2010 Margaret M. Murnane
Henry C. Kapteyn
2009 Paul G. Kwiat
2008 Andrew M. Weiner
Jonathan P. Heritage
2007 Bahram Jalali
2006 Al L. Efros
Louis E. Brus
Aleksey Ekimov
2005 Masataka Nakazawa
2004 James J. Wynne
Rangaswamy Srinivasan
Samuel E Blum
2003 George I. Stegeman
2002 Pierre Meystre
2001 Federico Capasso
2000 Marvin Minsky
David Egger
Paul Davidovits
1999 Eric A. Cornell
Carl Wieman
1998 Robert L Byer
Martin M. Fejer
1997 Peter F. Moulton
1996 Eli Yablonovitch
1995 GĂ©rard A. Mourou
1994 Dana Z. Anderson
1993 Joseph E. Geusic
L. G. Van Uitert
1992 Yuri N. Denisyuk
1991 Richard M. Osgood
Daniel Jacob Ehrlich
Thomas F. Deutsch
1990 Roger H. Stolen
1989 Daniel R. Grischkowsky
1988 Daniel Chemla
David A. B. Miller
1987 David E. Aspnes
1986 Joseph A. Giordmaine
Robert C. Miller
Robert C. Miller
1985 David H. Auston
1984 Otto Wichterle
1983 Sven R. Hartmann
1982 Linn F. Mollenauer
1981 Charles V. Shank
Erich P. Ippen
1980 Anthony E. Siegman
1979 Peter Franken
1978 Peter P. Sorokin
1977 Peter Fellgett
1976 Theodore H. Maiman
1975 Emmett N. Leith
Juris Upatnieks