William F. Meggers Award

The William F. Meggers Award for spectroscopyThis award, endowed by the family of William Meggers, several individuals and a number of optical manufacturers, honors Meggers for his notable contributions to the field of spectroscopy and metrology. It is awarded for outstanding work in spectroscopy.

The OSA Foundation is currently raising funds to permanently endow this award. Please consider making a donation to support this special honor. Your gift will be matched by OSA with a contribution to the OSAF General Fund.


2014 Francois Biraben
2013 Louis F. DiMauro
2012 Xi-Cheng Zhang
2011 Steven T. Cundiff
2010 Frederic Merkt
2009 Leo Hollberg
2008 Michael S. Feld
2007 Pierre Agostini
2006 Jun Ye
2005 Daniel M. Neumark
2004 Brian John Orr
2003 Daniel R. Grischkowsky
2002 James C. Bergquist
2001 Frank De Lucia
2000 Roger E. Miller
1999 David J. Nesbitt
1998 William C. Stwalley
1997 Takeshi Oka
1996 Robert W. Field
1995 Robert N. Compton
1994 Steven Chu
1993 Terry A. Miller
1992 Joseph Reader
1991 Daniel Kleppner
1990 David J. Wineland
1989 Ugo Fano
1988 Carl W. Lineberger
1987 Hans R. Griem
1986 Alexander Dalgarno
1985 Theodor W. Haensch
1984 Robert D. Cowan
1983 William C. Martin
1982 George W. Series
1981 Boris P. Stoicheff
1980 John G. Conway
1978 Robert P Madden
1977 Mark S. Fred
Frank S. Tomkins
1976 W. R. S. Garton
1975 Jean Blaise
Emmett N. Leith
1974 Harry L. Welsh
1973 Curtis J. Humphreys
1972 Charlotte Moore Sitterly
1971 Allen G. Shenstone
1970 George R. Harrison