Emmett N. Leith Medal

The Emmett N. Leith Medal, established in 2006, honors Emmett N. Leith, a world-renowned scientist in holography and optical information processing. Leith was a pioneer of coherent optics in radar systems and is credited with developing modern holography in the early 1960s. This award recognizes seminal contributions to the field of optical information processing. In assessing the significance of the contribution, consideration is given to all aspects including theoretical and conceptual breakthroughs as well as practical applications. Optical information processing is broadly conceived to include sensing and analog signal processing as well as computing (classical and quantum) and optical storage.

This award is endowed through the OSA Foundation by contributions from General Dynamics, the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Physical Optics Corporation and individual contributors, including Alexander Sawchuk, Joseph Goodman, James R. Fienup, G. Michael Morris, Tom Cathey and James Wyant. Please consider making a donation to support this special honor. Your gift will be matched by OSA with a contribution to the OSAF General Fund.


2014 Adam Kozma
2013 James R. Fienup
2012 Demetri Psaltis
2011 Jean-Pierre Huignard
2010 Juris Upatnieks
2009 Joseph W. Goodman
2008 Adolf W. Lohmann