John Tyndall Award

John Tyndall Award

OSA's John Tyndall Award for optics

The John Tyndall Award is named for the 19th century scientist who was the first to demonstrate a phenomenon of internal reflection. First presented in 1987, the Tyndall Award recognizes an individual who has made pioneering, highly significant, or continuing technical or leadership contributions to fiber optics technology. Corning, Inc. endows the award, a glass sculpture that represents the concept of total internal reflection. The award is co-sponsored by OSA and the IEEE/Photonic Society.

Nomination Deadline: August 10. Obtain form and submit all nomination material to IEEE Photonics Society (formerly LEOS).


2014 Kazuro Kikuchi
2013 James J. Coleman
2012 John E Bowers
2011 David F. Welch
2010 C. Randy Giles
2009 Joe Charles Campbell
2008 Robert Tkach
2007 Emmanuel Desurvire
2006 Donald Ray Scifres
2005 Roger H. Stolen
2004 Larry A. Coldren
2003 Andrew R. Chraplyvy
2002 Neal S. Bergano
2001 Tatsuo Izawa
2000 Stewart D. Personick
1999 John B. MacChesney
1998 Kenichi Iga
1997 Ivan P. Kaminow
1996 Kenneth O. Hill
1995 Tingye Li
1994 Elias Snitzer
1993 Yasuharu Suematsu
1992 Donald B. Keck
1991 David Neil Payne
1990 Thomas G. Giallorenzi
1989 Stewart Edward Miller
1988 Michael K Barnoski
1987 Robert D. Maurer