Esther Hoffman Beller Medal

The Esther Hoffman Beller Medal is presented for outstanding contributions to optical science and engineering education. Consideration is given to outstanding teaching and/or original work in optics education that enhances the understanding of optics. The scope of the award is international. Candidates at every career stage should be considered. This award was endowed by a bequest from the estate of Esther Hoffman Beller, presented to OSA in 1992. The award was established in 1993.


2014 Shin-Tson Wu
2013 Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
2012 Judy Donnelly
2011 Stephen M. Pompea
2010 Eustace L. Dereniak
2009 Anthony E. Siegman
2008 Eric Mazur
2007 M. J. Soileau
2006 Sang Soo Lee
2005 Thomas K Gaylord
2004 Janice A. Hudgings
2003 Ajoy K. Ghatak
2002 Emil Wolf
2001 Douglas S. Goodman
2000 Henry Stark
1999 Bahaa E.A. Saleh
1998 Amnon Yariv
1997 Hugh Angus Macleod
1996 Donald C. O'Shea
1995 Joseph W. Goodman
1993 Robert G. Greenler