Edgar D. Tillyer Award

Edgar D. Tillyer Award

The Tillyer Award was established in 1953 through an endowment from the American Optical Co. It is presented not more than once every two years to a person who has performed distinguished work in the field of vision, including (but not limited to) the optics, physiology, anatomy or psychology of the visual system.

This award is presented in even years only.

The OSA Foundation is currently raising funds to permanently endow this award. Please consider making a donation to support this special honor. Your gift will be matched by OSA with a contribution to the OSAF General Fund.


2014 Suzanne P. McKee
2012 Gerald H. Jacobs
2010 Stephen Allen Burns
2008 Brian A. Wandell
2006 Donald I.A. MacLeod
2004 John Krauskopf
2002 George Sperling
2000 John Dixon Mollon
1998 David R. Williams
1996 John G. Robson
1994 Jacob Nachmias
1992 Horace B. Barlow
1990 Vivianne S. Pokorny
Joel Pokorny
1988 Russell L. De Valois
1986 Donald H. Kelly
1984 Mathew Alpern
1982 Dorothea Jameson
Leo M. Hurvich
1980 Fergus W. Campbell
1978 Gerald Westheimer
1976 Floyd Ratliff
1974 Yves Le Grand
1972 Robert M. Boynton
1971 Louise L. Sloan
1969 Lorrin A. Riggs
1967 Kenneth N. Ogle
1965 Walter S. Stiles
1963 Clarence H. Graham
1961 Glenn A. Fry
1959 Gertrude Rand
1957 Charles Sheard
1955 Adelbert Ames
1954 Edger D. Tillyer