David Richardson Medal

The David Richardson Medal recognizes those who have made significant contributions to optical engineering, primarily in the commercial and industrial sector. In establishing this prize, OSA honors the unique contributions to applied optics made by David Richardson, who received the first award in 1966 for his distinctive contributions to the ruling and replicating of gratings.

This award is endowed through the OSA Foundation by contributions from individuals including Gary Duck.


2014 Jannick P. Rolland
2012 Gregory W. Forbes
2011 Jasbinder S. Sanghera
Ishwar D. Aggarwal
2010 Kenneth E. Moore
2009 Eric Udd
2008 Kanti Jain
2007 James L. Fergason
2006 Gary S Duck
2005 John R. Sandercock
2004 Chungte W. Chen
2003 Roland V. Shack
2002 Arthur H. Guenther
2001 Huib Visser
2000 Achim J. Leistner
1999 Milan R. Kokta
1998 Yoshiharu Namba
1997 Brian H. Welham
1996 J. A. Dobrowolski
1995 Julian Stone
1994 David A. Markle
1993 John H. Bruning
1992 Ichiro Kitano
1991 Gary K. Starkweather
1990 Jean M. Bennett
1989 Erik W. Anthon
1988 Janusz S. Wilczynski
1987 John W. Evans
1986 John L. Plummer
1985 Norman John Brown
1984 Erwin G. Loewen
1983 Harold Osterberg
1982 Charles A. Burrus
1981 Abe Offner
1980 William T. Plummer
Richard F. Weeks
1979 William P. Ewald
1978 Thomas James Johnson
1977 Walter P. Siegmund
1976 John McLeod
1975 Karl Lambrecht
1974 Roderic M. Scott
1972 William G. Fastie
1971 Frank Cooke
1970 Richard S. Hunter
1969 Howard Cary
1968 Harold E. Edgerton
1967 George A. Morton
1966 David J. Richardson