Charles Hard Townes Award

This award was established in 1980 to honor Charles Hard Townes, whose pioneering contributions to masers and lasers led to the development of the field of quantum electronics. It is given to an individual or a group of individuals for outstanding experimental or theoretical work, discovery or invention in the field of quantum electronics. Bell Laboratories originally endowed the award. Hewlett-Packard, The Perkin Fund, and students and colleagues of Charles Townes contributed generously in a Townes Award Endowment Campaign.


2014 Masataka Nakazawa
2013 Guenter Huber
2012 Philippe Grangier
2011 Wilson Sibbett
2010 Atac Imamoglu
2009 GĂ©rard A. Mourou
2008 Robert R Alfano
2007 Serge Haroche
2006 Orazio Svelto
2005 Paul B. Corkum
2004 Erich P. Ippen
2003 David C. Hanna
2002 Charles V. Shank
2001 A. David Buckingham
2000 Richard G. Brewer
1999 Charles H. Henry
1998 Marlan O. Scully
1997 Linn F. Mollenauer
1996 Chung Liang Tang
1995 Ivan P. Kaminow
1994 Joseph H. Eberly
1993 Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
1992 Nick Holonyak
1991 Elias Snitzer
1990 Herbert Walther
1989 D. J. Bradley
1988 Arthur Ashkin
1987 Hermann A. Haus
1986 Yuen-Ron Shen
1985 Stephen E. Harris
1984 John L. Hall
Veniamin P. Chebotaev
1983 Robert W. Hellwarth
1982 Chandra Kumar N. Patel
1981 Herbert Zeiger
James P. Gordon