Adolph Lomb Medal

Adolph Lomb was OSA's treasurer from its founding until his death in 1932. In recognition of his devotion to OSA and the advancement of optics, the Adolph Lomb Medal, established in 1940, is presented to a person who has made a noteworthy contribution to optics at an early age. The candidate cannot be older than the age of 35 in the calendar year of presentation.

This award is endowed through the OSA Foundation by contributions from the Global Engineering Organization of Bausch + Lomb and the journal Progress in Quantum Electronics, published by Elsevier.


2014 Alexander Szameit
2013 Andrea Alu
2012 Hatice Altug
2011 Elizabeth M.C. Hillman
2010 Jeremy L O'Brien
2009 Rebekah A. Drezek
2008 Lawrence Cary Gunn
2007 Shanhui Fan
2006 John Charles Howell
2005 Marin Soljacic
2004 Randy A. Bartels
2003 Alexei Vladimirovich Sokolov
2002 Susana Marcos
2001 Barbara A. Paldus
2000 Mikhail Lukin
1999 Jun Ye
1998 Benjamin J. Eggleton
1997 Ekmel Ozbay
1996 Frederick A. Kish
1995 Turan Erdogan
1994 Robert William Schoenlein
1993 Henry C. Kapteyn
1992 Mohammed N. Islam
1991 David F. Welch
1990 Andrew M. Weiner
1988 Janis A. Valdmanis
1986 David A. B. Miller
1984 Edward H. Adelson
1982 Won-Tien Tsang
1980 David M. Bloom
1978 Eli Yablonovitch
1976 Marc D. Levenson
1974 James M. Forsyth
1972 Robert L Byer
1970 Marlan O. Scully
1968 Douglas C. Sinclair
1966 Chandra Kumar N. Patel
1964 Gordon H. Spencer
1962 Jean-Pierre Barrat
1960 Ian M. Mills
1958 Edward L. O'Neill
1956 W.R. J. Brown
1954 William M. Sinton
1952 Aden B. Meinel
1950 H. Richard Blackwell
1948 David S. Grey
1946 Wayne C. Norton
1944 R. Clark Jones
1942 James G. Baker
1940 David L. MacAdam