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Color-image based systems are excellent at locating people in aerial search and rescue operations, but fall short when it comes to discerning between actual human skin and objects with similar hues. To remedy this, researchers at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) have developed a novel two-dimensional feature space which uses the spectral absorption characteristics of melanin, hemoglobin and water to better characterize human skin

Optics researchers have discovered a new way to measure incredibly small distortions in light waves by indirectly studying the behavior of curious ‘quasiparticles’ – ripples in the electric field that emerge when light and solid surfaces interact. This new technique holds significant promise for applications in metrology and chemical sensing, as well as potential improvements in adaptive optics for microscopy and biomedicine.

The Optical Society (OSA) will host an incubator meeting on Optical Computing on Thursday, 10 December and Friday, 11 December at the OSA headquarters. The purpose of this incubator is to explore the current status and future prospects of the re-emerging field of optical computing. The incubator will include an invited panel to facilitate and moderate discussion around attendees.

The Optical Society (OSA) and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) announced that the 2016 Herbert Walther Award will be presented to Peter Zoller, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universität Innsbruck, Austria, for his pioneering discoveries and development of new interdisciplinary quantum science that unifies quantum optics, atomic, molecular, optical and condensed matter which have opened new paths toward future applications in quantum technology.

OFC 2016, the world’s leading conference for optical communications and networking professionals, today announced its line-up of keynote speakers for the 2016 plenary session. On Tuesday, March 22, Yasuhiko Arakawa, University of Tokyo, Japan, Andre Fuetsch, AT&T, USA, and Daniel Kraft, Singularity University and IntelliMedicine, USA, will take the stage to highlight the latest developments in semiconductor nanotechnologies, optical network evolution and trends in data-driven intelligent medicine.

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