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Researchers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China have developed a portable probe that uses near-infrared light to measure blood oxygen saturation in the tissue surrounding the central internal jugular vein in the neck – allowing doctors to continuously monitor a patient's recovery from shock without the hassle of continuously drawing and analyzing blood.

Researchers at Stanford University show a breakthrough approach to designing optical technologies using interferometers. This finding expands the current capabilities of optics to potentially create an entirely new class of fascinating and versatile technologies in computing, telecommunications, and other areas of optics.

The Optical Society incubator meetings provide a unique and focused experiences, allowing researchers, engineers and business leaders of niche fields a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss advances, challenges and opportunities regarding their research.

Inaugural Fellowship program pairs qualified early career professionals with a research opportunity with the Ultrafast Lasers, Advanced Imaging Systems or Novel Optoelectronic Devices program area within Thorlabs.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore have created an endoscopic probe that delivers adjustable-focus capabilities in a slimmer package. Their findings, published this week in the journal Optics Express, published by The Optical Society, could ultimately facilitate more effective and less painful imaging of internal tissues.


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