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Innovative System Images Photosynthesis to Provide Picture of Plant Health

Researchers have developed a new imaging system that is designed to monitor the health of crops in the field or greenhouse. The new technology could one day save farmers significant money and time by enabling intelligent agricultural equipment that automatically provides plants with water or nutrients at the first signs of distress. With further development, the system has the potential to be used aboard unmanned aerial vehicles to remotely monitor crops.

Added: 07 Dec 2017

National Photonics Initiative Applauds Release of NAS Report on Intense Ultrafast Lasers

The National Photonics Initiative (NPI), an alliance of top scientific societies uniting industry and academia to raise awareness of photonics, today applauded a recent study entitled “Opportunities in Intense Ultrafast Lasers: Reaching for the Brightest Light” by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) that was conducted at the request of the Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to evaluate the current state of and future opportunities for high intensity ultrafast lasers and laser technologies, and assess the value of future high intensity laser science programs and facilities to the nation’s scientific research, security and economy.

Added: 07 Dec 2017

Recognize Experience, Professional Accomplishments and Service with OSA Senior Member Status

The Optical Society (OSA), the leading global professional association in optics and photonics, encourages well-established OSA Members to submit a request for the OSA Senior Member Designation. This special designation recognizes the experience and professional accomplishments of individuals in the science of light.

Added: 06 Dec 2017

The Optical Society and DPG Name Gerd Leuchs Winner of the 2018 Herbert Walther Award

The Optical Society (OSA) and the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) today announce that the 2018 Herbert Walther Award will be presented to Gerd Leuchs, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen and University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. The award was given to Leuchs ‘for his pioneering and widespread scientific contributions ranging from ultrasmall focii of light to nonlinear optics, squeezed states of light and their application in metrology and quantum information, as well as for a continuing commitment to the physics community, quantum optics and his students and team members.’

Added: 30 Nov 2017

Innovative Microscope Poised to Propel Optogenetics Studies

A newly developed microscope is providing scientists with a greatly enhanced tool to study how neurological disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease affect neuron communication. The microscope is optimized to perform studies using optogenetic techniques, a relatively new technology that uses light to control and image neurons genetically modified with light-sensitive proteins.

Added: 29 Nov 2017

OFC 2018 Exhibit Floor Expands to 700 Exhibiting Companies, Marks Five Year Growth Trajectory

The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC), the world’s leading conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals, is expected to continue its growth trajectory with more than 700 exhibitors from leading global companies and more than 15,000 attendees. OFC, being held 11-15 March at the San Diego Convention Center, California, USA, has increased in overall square footage by 44% and experienced a 21% growth in exhibitors and attendees in the last five years.

Added: 27 Nov 2017

The Optical Society Foundation Announces 2018 Innovation School

The Optical Society Foundation (OSAF) invites early-career professionals in the field of optics and photonics to attend The Innovation School at The Optical Society in Washington, D.C. from 22-26 July 2018. The four-day program aims to foster entrepreneurial thinking with interactive ‘ideation’ and customer validation exercises. Attendees will experience hands-on training focused on developing and launching innovative solutions and products. The program is essential for members of the optics and photonics community interested in expanding their collaborative abilities.

Added: 21 Nov 2017

The Optical Society Announces 2018 Technical Group Chairs

The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce the newly elected chairs for twelve OSA Technical Groups. OSA Technical Groups are vibrant and active communities that connect OSA members with colleagues and leaders within specialized topic areas from around the world. Each group organizes special events featuring tailored programming for members at OSA meetings, facilitates online forums to engage in discussions, and delivers focused information on the latest developments in the field as well opportunities to explore emerging topics.

Added: 21 Nov 2017

The Optical Society Announces IONS KOALA 2017

The International OSA Network of Students (IONS) will host the eighth and final IONs meeting of 2017, IONS KOALA. IONS KOALA will be held 26 November – 1 December in Brisbane, Australia. The OSA student chapters at the University of Queensland and Griffith University will co-host the event. The conference will focus on helping early career professionals discover different career opportunities in the optics and photonics field.

Added: 17 Nov 2017

The Optical Society to Host Special Events in Celebration of International Day of Light

The science of light improves most every facet of modern life. The UNESCO General Conference officially proclaimed the date of May 16th as the International Day of Light (IDL). The Optical Society (OSA), the leading professional association in optics and photonics, will host a variety of special events to highlight the greater impact of light-based sciences.

Added: 15 Nov 2017

UNESCO proclaims May 16th as the International Day of Light

The 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference has today proclaimed the date of May 16th as the International Day of Light. The proclamation of this annual International Day will enable global appreciation of the central role that light and light-based technologies play in the lives of the citizens of the world in areas of science, technology, culture, education, and sustainable development. The International Day of Light is an enduring follow-up to UNESCO’s highly successful International Year of Light in 2015 that reached over 100 million people in over 140 countries.

Added: 14 Nov 2017

The Optical Society to Host Funding Accelerator Meetings

The OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) will host one-on-one speed meetings between OIDA members companies and program officers from multiple U.S. Federal agencies at OSA headquarters on 14 November 2017.

Added: 13 Nov 2017