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The Optical Society (OSA), the leading global professional association in optics and photonics, today announced the names of seven members elected to the 2016 class of the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Members elected will be honored at an induction ceremony to be held on 09 October at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA.

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded today to Jean-Pierre Sauvage of University of Strasbourg, France, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart of Edinburgh University, U.K., and Bernard L. Feringa of University of Groningen, Netherlands. The award was given for their theoretical work on “the design and synthesis of molecular machines.” The work of the three scientists opened up, and continues to expand to new horizons for chemically synthesized machines only nanometers in scale—including molecular motors that increasingly feature light as the power source.

If you have ever turned on your car’s high beams while driving through fog, you’ve seen glare in action. As the extra light reflects off the fog, it becomes even more difficult to see what lies ahead. In compelling new research, two scientific teams have developed innovative methods for counteracting glare and reducing unwanted light much like noise-canceling headphones eliminate unwanted sound.

Sophisticated laser systems are increasingly being used for information gathering and sharing since they can satisfy many critical needs in sensing and high bandwidth free space optical (FSO) communications. We are coming into the age where laser systems are a viable competitor to RF systems for many applications. OSA Laser Congress 2016 features the latest advances in solid state laser development and related technologies for use in free space laser communication, laser-based sensing and numerous industrial applications. The congress will provide attendees with a comprehensive view of the latest technological advances as well as the applications of laser technologies for industrial products and markets.

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded today to David J. Thouless of University of Washington, F. Duncan M. Haldane of Princeton University and J. Michael Kosterlitz of Brown University, USA. The award was given for their theoretical work on “topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.” The discovery has led to new and exotic phases of matter likely to impact the future of quantum computation, nanosciences and biophysics.


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