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  • Ever Tried a
    Ever Tried a "Laser Delicious" Apple?
    03 December 2014
    Thanks to the work of a team of researchers from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon and the Université de Bretagne Occidentale de Brest in France, farmers may soon have the ability to detect when to harvest climacteric fruits -- such as apples, bananas, pears, and tomatoes -- at the precise moment to ensure “peak edibleness."

  • Giving LEDs a Cozy, Warm Glow
    Giving LEDs a Cozy, Warm Glow
    19 November 2014
    Researchers from the Netherlands have found a novel way to ensure the lights of the future are not only energy efficient but also emit a cozy warmth.

  • Smartphones Team-Up with QR Codes for Secure 3-D Displays
    Smartphones Team-Up with QR Codes for Secure 3-D Displays
    14 November 2014
    Quick Response (QR) codes are a convenient and efficient way of accessing specific web pages with a smartphone or other mobile device. However, new research published today in The Optical Society’s (OSA) new high-impact journal Optica, explains how QR codes can do much more.

  • Powerful Imaging for Point-of-care Diagnostics
    Powerful Imaging for Point-of-care Diagnostics
    05 November 2014
    A new handheld probe developed by a team of university and industry researchers in the Netherlands and France could give doctors powerful new imaging capabilities right in the palms of their hands.

  • Supersonic Laser-Propelled Rockets
    Supersonic Laser-Propelled Rockets
    29 October 2014
    A new method for improving the thrust generated by laser-propulsion systems may bring Scientists and science fiction writers one step closer to practical use.

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