The Optical Society Applauds President Obama's Commitment to Improving Science Education and Investi

13 January 2016

The Optical Society Applauds President Obama's Commitment to Improving Science Education and Investing in Research and Development

WASHINGTON – The Optical Society (OSA) today commended U.S. President Barack Obama for his ongoing commitment to investing in science education and research. The President’s establishment of programs to further advance manufacturing technologies will help fuel future economic growth.  In recognition of the president’s final State of the Union address, Elizabeth Rogan, CEO of The Optical Society, released the following statement: 
“For the last seven years, President Obama has been an advocate for the sciences, seeking to improve education and increase funding for research and development, with a focus on specific challenges, such as The BRAIN Initiative, a key area in biomedicine.  As The Optical Society celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and a century of innovation in optics, we look forward to working with the President and Congress to further enhance the potential for even greater societal impact over the next decade.
“As part of his commitment to fund scientific innovation, President Obama has been a proponent of continued investment in clean and renewable energy resources, one of his key areas of a focus during his State of the Union address.  Optics and photonics technologies are essential in advancing the next generation of clean energy, developing solar cells that capture power more efficiently, creating cost-effective LED lighting solutions and improving the delivery and safety of energy transmission through fiber optic cables.
“The president has executed on his commitment to fund R&D initiatives, such as the 2015 creation of AIM Photonics, through his National Network for Manufacturing Innovation program. This investment will augment the development and production of new photonics applications and technologies for advanced manufacturing and strengthen the United States’ global competitiveness.”
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