OSA Student Members Organize IONS Conference in China


Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

OSA Student Members Organize IONS Conference in China

WASHINGTON, Sept. 14, 2012 – The International OSA Network of Students (IONS) is hosting the third IONS-Asia conference, beginning today and running through Sept.  16 at the Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (CIOMP) in Changchun, China. The conference, which takes place just before CIOMP’s 60th anniversary, features technical professional development programming for students in the field of optics and photonics and is being organized by students from the Optical Society (OSA) Student Chapter at CIOMP.

The IONS-Asia 3 / Changchun conference will feature invited talks by leading researchers, student presentations and poster sessions, networking events and local activities. Attendees will discuss the latest research trends in optical science and gain insight into the rapidly growing optics and photonics programs in China.

More than 20 speakers from eight countries will give presentations on topics ranging from nano-optics to terahertz spectroscopy.  Speakers include CIOMP Vice President Xuejun Zhang, OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan, OSA Board Member Byoungho Lee and several researchers from CIOMP and other universities in Asia and Africa. More information on the program in Changchun is available on the IONS website.

IONS conferences—first established in 2006 during OSA’s Annual Meeting, Frontiers in Optics (FiO)—have been held at 24 locations worldwide since their inception, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and the United States, among others. The event at CIOMP marks the second time China has hosted an IONS conference. The meetings are independently managed by OSA Student Chapters and are designed to give young scientists from around the world a way to connect and collaborate on optics and photonics. More information is available on the IONS website.

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