OSA Applauds President Obama for Strong Focus on Science and Technology in State of the Union Addres


Angela Stark
The Optical Society

OSA Applauds President Obama for Strong Focus on Science and Technology in State of the Union Address

President pledges to invest in R&D to ensure the next 'Sputnik Generation'

WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 – The Optical Society (OSA) today praised President Barack Obama for his extensive remarks recognizing the importance of American innovation, investments in scientific R&D and clean energy, and improving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in last night's State of the Union address. OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan released the following statement:

"We applaud the President for his strong focus on innovation in his State of the Union address. He indicated he is committed to reaching a level of investment in research and development that hasn't been seen since the space race. OSA looks forward to working with the Administration to achieve this goal and inspire what the President calls the next 'Sputnik Generation.' We are also pleased to hear of the President's attention on STEM education issues, including preparing new teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. OSA stands ready to work with the House and Senate as education legislation is considered in the 112th Congress.

President Obama's commitment to advancing clean energy technology is also worthy of praise and support. OSA members are working hard to advance solar and energy efficient lighting technologies to meet the President's clean energy goals. They rely on continued federal investments in R&D to carry out this important work.

While we commend the President for focusing on these important scientific investments, we also recognize the tough budget decisions that come with investing in R&D. We are encouraged that the President understands that investing in science and technology requires a long-term commitment to achieve meaningful results. Technologies like the Internet or the laser required years of research and investment before becoming the invaluable technologies they are today. Sustaining federal research dollars over the long term is necessary for advancing innovation and ensuring America's economic prosperity in the future. The focus on this issue in last night's address supports those of us in the scientific field and we thank the President for his commitment to this area."

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