First Quarter 2011 Industry News Summary

Industry News Summary

First Quarter 2011

The following is a corporate news roundup from the Optical Society (OSA).  This quarterly gathering of industry news is a complimentary service offered by the OSA PR team.  

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Corning Inc. - Corning Incorporated to Acquire MobileAccess

GigOptix - GigOptix Selected as a "Best and Brightest" Technology Leader

JDSU - JDSU Receives INTERNET TELEPHONY® Magazine’s Thirteenth Annual Product of the Year Award

Redfern Integrated Optics - NASA Awards Redfern Integrated Optics (RIO) with Contract for Development of Laser for Space LIDAR

Rochester Precision Optics – Rochester Precision Optics Extends Design Solutions with the Acquisition of ASE Optics

TASC Inc. – TASC, Inc. Wins Single Award $97 Million IDIQ Contract to Support Defense Threat Reduction Agency

University of Central Florida, CREOL Miniature Lasers Could Help Launch New Age of the Internet

First Quarter 2011 Industry News Summary

With 2011 already advancing at the speed of light, the optics and photonics industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Multimillion dollar contracts are in abundance and research is keeping the information society moving faster than ever. Only three months into the new year and OSA Corporate Members have already made their mark.

Focus on Applications

Researchers at the University of Central Florida, CREOL have developed a new laser device that could make high-speed computing faster and more reliable, opening the door to a new age of the Internet. The miniature laser diode emits more intense light than those currently used and does so at a single wavelength, making it ideal for use in compact disc players, laser pointers and optical mice for computers, in addition to high-speed data transmission.

Business Partnerships and Agreements

Corning Inc. has signed an agreement to acquire MobileAccess, a leading provider of wireless network solutions. The acquisition will enable Corning to accelerate a key area of focus within the company’s telecommunications growth strategy: the DAS wireless segment. With this acquisition, Corning can expand its line of innovative telecommunications solutions beyond its industry-leading Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Enterprise Optical solutions.

Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) has acquired Rochester-based ASE Optics, which provides optical engineering services and research to more than 200 different clients ranging from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies. The acquisition will allow RPO to extend and grow its design and research services, and with RPO’s extensive manufacturing capabilities it will allow ASE to not only design, but build prototypes and full production systems for their customers.

Contracts, Awards and Accolades

TASC Inc. has been awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract to provide advisory and assistance services to the Combat Support and Nuclear Support Directorates of the DTRA Operations Enterprise. The single award contract is valued at $97 million over five years. TASC will focus on contingency planning for weapons of mass destruction and the safety, security and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

Redfern Integrated Optics, Inc. (RIO) has been awarded a NASA Phase 1 SBIR contract for further development of its breakthrough single-frequency narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser, suitable for spaceflight operation. These lasers are ideal solutions in multiple applications where absolute accuracy, lifetime reliability over demanding field conditions, and high resolution are critical. Such applications include remote sensing, distributed temperature, strain, or acoustic fiber optic monitoring, high-resolution spectroscopy, LIDAR and other precision metrology applications.

JDSU was named the recipient of the 2010 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award by TMC for their Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) LTE test solution and the JDSU Enterprise Services Application Module (ESAM). The JDSU SART test solution is designed to ensure reliably performing LTE, the emerging 4G mobile access technology. The LTE/4G test solution is deployed by mobile operators worldwide to successfully handle immense amounts of mobile data and traffic volume such as mobile video with fast, accurate and reliable performance monitoring to ensure network and service quality.

GigOptix, Inc. was named a "Best and Brightest" technology leader by the MDB Capital Group based on the novelty and industry impact of its innovative patent portfolio. According to MDB Capital Group "GigOptix's intellectual property (IP) value and demonstrated innovation places it in the top 10% of the approximately 1,500 technology small cap companies as ranked by our proprietary IP intelligence database called PatentVest. Our research has shown that this elite group of companies that demonstrate above average PatentVest metrics, such as PatentVest Tech Score and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of patent applications, have significantly outperformed their publicly traded