The Optical Society Launches Optics & Photonics Latin America Website



Angela Stark
The Optical Society

The Optical Society Launches Optics & Photonics Latin America Website

WASHINGTON, September 24 – The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Optics and Photonics Latin America website, a resource that will feature the region’s optics and photonics scientific and technology innovations, news, people and organizations. encourages those with an interest in optics and photonics to explore the wide range of scientific and business activities taking place across Latin America. Highlights of the site include an interactive map which displays academic and industry resources by country, journal articles from Latin American authors, a regional event calendar, information about grants and student programs and updates on student recognitions and activities. Content contributions from individuals and organizations that relate to optics and photonics in the region are encouraged to be submitted.  

“Optics and photonics innovations and business applications are growing worldwide and it can be difficult to fully appreciate the activities taking place in different regions. This site provides information about organizations and helps viewers stay up-to-date on the events happening throughout Latin America,” said Carlos López-Mariscal of the OSA Member and Education Services Council. “ also facilitates professional and student networking, and provides a unique forum for those who wish to share news that is relevant to the field and the region.”

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