Journal of the Optical Society of Korea Added to OSA's Optics InfoBase



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Journal of the Optical Society of Korea Added to OSA’s Optics InfoBase

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1—The Optical Society (OSA) is pleased to announce that Optics InfoBase, its online library of journals, co-published journals and conference proceedings, has added the Journal of the Optical Society of Korea (JOSK) to its content offerings. JOSK is the leading English-language optics journal in Korea, and publishes peer-reviewed, open-access content in all areas of optical science and technology.

“We are thrilled to be reaching a significantly wider community of researchers in the optics and photonics field through this partnership with Optics InfoBase,” said Byoungho Lee, editor-in-chief of JOSK.  “I am confident the content of JOSK will be of added interest to those already using Optics InfoBase for their research needs.”

JOSK was launched in 1997 and is published in English by the Optical Society of Korea (OSK) four times per year. JOSK features papers in all technical fields of optics, including optical materials, optical devices, optical systems, and topics related to theoretical and experimental aspects of new principles.

“OSA has collaborated with the Optical Society of Korea for many years and we are delighted to be partnering with them in the publishing arena,” said OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan. “By providing Optics InfoBase users with an additional open-access journal, OSA is able to offer even more diverse optics and photonics content to its global audience.”

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About OSK
The Optical Society of Korea (OSK) was established in 1989 and currently has approximately 3,000 members from various research organizations – universities, industries, and government research institutes in Korea. OSK has seven divisions – optical science, optical technology, photonics, quantum electronics, optical signal processing, biomedical optics, and display. In addition to JOSK, OSK also publishes another journal in Korean (six times per year) and a magazine (four times per year). More information about OSK can be found at