CLEO/QELS Expands Applications Programming and Industry Focus


Lyndsay Meyer
The Optical Society

CLEO/QELS Expands Applications Programming and Industry Focus

WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 – The co-sponsors of the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) / Quantum Electronics Laser Science Conference (QELS) today announced that CLEO/QELS 2010 will expand its applications focus with programming that further examines close-to-market developments and business insights. The 2010 event will launch CLEO: Applications and mark the debut of the exhibit called CLEO: Expo.

In 2009, CLEO/IQEC (the International Quantum Electronics Conference) was collocated with the Photonic Applications Systems and Technologies Conference (PhAST) and PhotonXpo—the Exhibit at CLEO. The 2010 conference folds both PhAST and PhotonXpo into CLEO/QELS 2010, making it one comprehensive event for the community.

CLEO/QELS 2010 will consist of the traditional CLEO and QELS conferences, but it also will introduce CLEO: Applications and CLEO: Expo. CLEO: Applications expands upon what was done with the PhAST conference, delving deeper into today’s existing and evolving commercial and business applications. CLEO: Expo broadens the reach of PhotonXpo, engaging new and emerging markets.

The most significant content change will be in CLEO: Applications. Under the leadership of Chair Tim Carrig of Lockheed Martin, CLEO: Applications will expand upon previous years’ programming to feature the most cutting-edge market developments, as well as the latest technologies and emerging research applications.

“It’s my goal to address topics that have never before been incorporated into any CLEO/QELS conference,” said Carrig. “We are inviting a number of exciting speakers and will be soliciting papers for unique applied technology developments through the regular call-for-papers process. We’re looking forward to offering a fantastic new program.”

To further the industry emphasis and business perspective, “Market Focus,” chaired by Gail Overton of Laser Focus World and Nick Traggis of Precision Photonics Corporation, will emphasize business developments in the field, as well as the topics that are most pertinent to the applied community. “Market Focus” provides programming on the show floor that complements CLEO: Expo for exhibit-only and conference attendees.

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