Industry Newsmakers First Quarter 2009

Industry Newsmakers

First Quarter 2009

The following is a corporate news roundup from the Optical Society (OSA). This quarterly gathering of industry news is a complimentary service offered by the OSA PR team.

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Corning, Inc. -- Corning® LEAF® Fiber Passes 30 Million Kilometers Sold to Worldwide Customers

EMCORE Corporation -- EMCORE Corporation Unveils Industry's First Tunable XFP Optical Transceiver for Next Generation Telecom Networks

Finisar Corporation -- Finisar Demonstrates Next-Generation Form Factors for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s Optical Links at OFC 2009

IPtronics -- IPtronics Announces Availability of High Volume Flip Chip Solutions for 40 and 120 Gigabit/s Applications

JDSU -- JDSU Announces First Monolithically Integrated and Tunable Optical Transceiver

LightCounting, LLC -- Optical Transceiver Industry Well Positioned To Weather Recession

Luna Technologies, Inc. -- Luna Announces Fiber Optic SKEW Measurement Capability

OFS Optics Specialty Photonics Division -- OFS Announces General Availability of EZ-Bend™ Cables And Cable Assemblies

Opnext -- Opnext Leads Industry With 16G Fibre Channel Longwave Live Demonstration at OFC/NFOEC 2009

Santur Corporation -- Santur Delivers the World’s First 100Gb/s Transceiver Platform for Client Connectivity

First Quarter 2009 Industry News

The world's largest conference on optical communications - OFC/NFOEC 2009 -
wrapped up last month and even amid the current economic climate, a spate of innovation and high technology among OSA Corporate Member companies was on display at the show.

Optical Fiber

OFS announced the commercial release of their EZ-Bend™ cables following successful field trials with multiple independent carriers. Supporting multiple dwelling unit and in-home wiring applications, the EZ-Bend technology addresses the critical need to speed and simplify installations by allowing optical drop cables to be bent and routed in newly feasible ways. Corning announced it has sold more than 30 million kilometers of LEAF® optical fiber since introducing the product in 1998. As the backbone of many of the world's most advanced long-haul networks, LEAF fiber is the most widely deployed non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber in the world.

Transceivers & Transponders

EMCORE announced plans to release a new full-band tunable XFP product line. The new line is capable of replacing fixed-wavelength dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) XFPs as well as high-performance tunable 300-pin multi-source agreed transponders. Finisar Corporation demoed several new products at OFC/NFOEC, including a 120G parallel link, 16x Fibre Channel SFP+ transceiver, and 40G DWDM transponders utilizing RZ-DQPSK modulation. Finisar says it is the first company to showcase several new form factors capable of supporting 40G and 100G optical links over multimode or single-mode fiber optics. JDSU announced the industry's first monolithically integrated and tunable optical transceiver. The tunable XFP transceiver is 85 percent smaller than previous tunable products, allowing network equipment manufacturers to pack more transceiver interfaces into a system or to deploy smaller systems within a network node. Opnext announced the availability of a 16G Fiber Channel Long Wave (FC LW) SFP+ Transceiver prototype. The demo represented the industry's first live demonstration of this type of transceiver.

Integrated Circuits & Optical Devices

IPtronics announced the availability of solder bumped solutions for flip chip applications of 40G and 120G parallel optical interconnects. IPtronics says these solutions enable high-volume flip chip applications with better performance, lower cost and high density compared to traditional wire-bonding technology. Flip chip technology has been used extensively in consumer applications such as cell phones and laptop computers. Santur Corporation announced its EPIC™ Enhanced Photonic Integration Circuit, launching what it calls a new era in optical connectivity based on its successful laser array PIC platform. Santur says its approach to coupling its parallel laser array with a Planar Lightwave Circuit creates an unprecedented level of photonic integration for client optical connectivity and delivers 100G on up to 10 km on a Single Mode Fiber.

Test & Measurement

Luna Technologies announced a fiber optic SKEW measurement capability as an enhancement for its award-winning Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ product. By combining Luna's optical switch and custom software, Luna has created a solution to dramatically increase the throughput of SKEW measurements on single- or multi-mode ribbon cables.

Industry Trends

LightCounting released its latest Market Forecast, reporting that the optical transceiver industry will contract sharply in 2009 but fare better than other industries. Data traffic—the primary industry driver—continues to grow, requiring optical transceivers to be shipped for new platform deployments and to upgrade existing systems. LightCounting forecasts worldwide transceiver sales will contract 14 percent in 2009 to $2 billion, with a modest recovery expected in 2010.