Researchers Discover Solar Cell Material Emitting Light

Researchers Discover Solar Cell Material Emitting Light

27 March 2014

A recent discovery made by researchers at Nanyang Technological University will make it possible to recharge our smartphone and tablet batteries simply by exposing them to the sun.

The researchers have developed a new solar cell material that not only turns light into electricity, but can also emit light. The material is made out of Perovskite and was found to glow brightly when interacting with electricity and to release light when targeted with a laser beam.

Thanks to its high durability under light exposure, the new hybrid Perovskite solar cell material is capable of capturing light particles and converting them to electricity, with the reverse process possible as well, assistant professor Sum Tze Chien said.

According to the team, the discovery is very important because most solar cell materials are known to be capable of abstracting light, but not many can generate light. The new cells could be even customized to emit various colors, ultimately making them applicable in flat-screen displays to act as light-emitting devices, Sum added. He also said that the new Perovskite material could be used for the production of lasers.

Additionally, the material's light-emitting properties make it suitable for light decorations or displays for facades of shopping malls and offices. Another factor highlighting the promising potential of the patent-pending material is its relatively cheap price as compared to silicon-based solar cells, due to its simple solution-based production process.