Open Photonics Provides Targeted Photonics Research for Fortune 500 Company

Open Photonics Provides Targeted Research for Fortune 500 Company

1 May 2013

Open Photonics, Inc., a photonics technology acceleration firm, has partnered with Lockheed Martin to research emerging photonics-related technologies and innovations. Lockheed Martin is the latest in a series of global companies that are working with Open Photonics to advance developments in this technology area.

Photonics form the fundamental components that are used in many of Lockheed Martin’s electro-optic products, such as imaging missile seekers and targeting sensors. 

Open Photonics introduced the novel Photonic Horizons program to offer a more effective way for companies to engage a wider group of innovators at the beginning of the product development process. 
“While programs like the SBIR and university tech transfer are very effective, they can be slow and fraught with IP challenges.  Our new model matches these inventors with potential customers in multiple industries, strengthening innovation pipelines for these companies and providing a framework for these companies to engage researchers in smaller companies and universities,” said Dr. Jason Eichenholz, CEO of Open Photonics, Inc. 

The Open Photonics program provides a mechanism to identify new technology solutions and facilitates engagement with researchers. Backed by a preeminent technical and business advisory board, the company brings emerging photonics and optical sensing technology to customers in defense, biomedical, consumer and industrial markets that need access to cost-effective and focused R&D.