Be Part of IYL 2015

20 Ways to Be Part of IYL 2015

  1. Write a post for the IYL blog.
  2. Get updates on activities and developments by following #Light2015 on Twitter
  3. Like Light2015 on Facebook and share our updates with your friends.
  4. Submit a letter to the Editor for your local newspaper that discusses the importance of light and light based technologies.
  5. "Adopt" a local school and provide a classroom demonstration on optics.
  6. Create a video or slide presentation describing a light-based technology in our daily lives and post it online (,, etc).
  7. Work with the local OSA student chapter to host an IYL-themed event for undergraduate or graduate students at your academic institution.
  8. Promote IYL at your institution or company by displaying an IYL poster.
  9. Donate an optics education kit to students and teachers in developing countries.
  10. Contribute to a travel grant to help advance the career of a promising student.
  11. Attend an IYL event in 2015 (check for upcoming events).
  12. Organize a local IYL-themed bike or running race with participants using LED lights.
  13. Host a community Laser tag event.
  14. Sponsor a local Festival of Light.
  15. Visit to learn about why light matters, read science stories and find cool resources.
  16. Reach out to your local museum, offer to organize a light-in-art exhibition or create a hands-on optics display.
  17. Host an IYL-themed discussion panel at your school or company
  18. Develop an international cooperative event like a twitter chat or a light-related activity that people around the world can participate in.
  19. Post IYL logos to your organization’s website.
  20. Contact five friends to let them know of your involvement and encourage their participation in IYL 2015.

Image of posters created by Students from the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany

View the artwork created by students from Hochschule Offenburg, Department of Media and Information Technology.