Resources & Partners

Resources & Partners

OSA is committed to supporting the global optics and photonics community through a variety of programs, benefits, resources and events. 

OSA Publishing China - 美国光学学会出版物 是世界上最大的光学和光子学信息同行评审集合。

Partner Journals:
Chinese Optics Letters
Current Optics and Photonics (formerly the Journal of the Optical Society of Korea)
Journal of Optical Technology (translation of Opticheskii Zhurnal)
Photonics Research

Meetings & Conferences:

Global Meeting Support – OSA accepts requests from the global optics community for cooperation with or co-sponsorship of meetings. View complete details here

OSA Meetings - Advance your scientific ambitions, expand your professional network and influence the future of optics and photonics worldwide at an OSA meeting. View the meetings calendar.

Peer Society Membership Collaborations:

OSA partners with societies around the world to provide our community of members with valuable benefits and services. Expand your network and save time by joining/renewing several societies in one transaction! Learn more.

The Australian Optical Society (AOS)
AOS Regular Membership = $40.00
AOS Student Membership = $16.00

Optical Society of India (OSI)
OSI Regular Membership = $25.00

Optical Society of Korea (OSK)
OSK Regular Membership = $45.00
OSK Student Membership = $20.00

Brazilian Physics Society (SBF)
SBF Regular Membership = $88.00
SBF Student Membership = $40.00

The Italian Society of Optics and Photonics (SIOF)
SIOF Regular Membership = $40.00   
SIOF Student Membership = $13.00
SIOF Recent Graduate Membership = $13.00

Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS)
Regular Online SAS Membership = $50.00
Student Online SAS Membership = $20.00 

SEDOPTICA (The Spanish Optical Society)
SEDOPTICA Regular Membership = $60.00

Discounted & Waived Dues:

Members residing in economically developing nations receive dues discounts. Those who are transitioning between jobs may request a one-year dues waiver.