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Rich Holmes

Rich Holmes

In late 1986, Allen Flusberg and I developed a theory of the polarization dependence of gain in stimulated rotational Raman scattering.  This dependence was poorly understood, because the standard polarization theory for spontaneous Raman scattering is complicated by Stokes-Anti-Stokes coupling.  The problem was (and is) also important because such scattering affects the propagation of intense lasers in the atmosphere. 
A manuscript was... Continue Reading

Michael Shur

I was very fortunate to join the A. F. Ioffe Institute in 1966, where the first heterojunction laser was invented. Dr. Alferov received the Nobel Prize for that invention, Dr. Rudolf Kazarinov of Ioffe Institute also contributed to that invention. In winter of 1973, I was attending the School of Physicists in a rest house about 70 km from Leningrad, we talked, went skiing, enjoyed life, and listened to lectures on solid state physics. In their lecture, Drs. Kazarinov and Suris proposed an... Continue Reading

Donna Strickland

I enjoyed all four years as an OSA officer, travelling the globe and meeting with the OSA students and the officers of our fellow societies.  I remember my lead into the presidential year was hosting the student party at the 2012 FiO, where I finally was persuaded to get up to sing Karaoke along with friends and ended up falling and spilling my drink all over me.  I think it helped set the tone for all my interactions with the students.  I always wanted to be approachable... Continue Reading

Karl Stetson: Organizing a Topical Meeting

By the late 1970s, the OSA topical meetings had become quite well established, and I and a number of colleagues considered that it would be interesting to organize one devoted to holographic interferometry and speckle metrology.  I approached the OSA in 1979, and received a positive reaction with the suggestion of the Sea Crest Hotel in North Falmouth, Cape Cod, MA, as a possible venue.  I had experienced meetings where there was no place where the attendees could get together... Continue Reading