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Edward Watson

As a graduate student at the University of Rochester in the 80’s I was fortunate to be there during a year in which the OSA Annual Meeting (as it was called then) was held in Rochester. As part of the Annual Meeting activities the President’s reception was to be held at the George Eastman House, a historic and glamorous venue that also houses a Museum of Photography. As part of the event, a tour of the museum’s Technology Center, which contains much of the history of cameras... Continue Reading

Donn Silberman’s OSA Story

Donn Silberman’s OSA Story

I began my work in optics in 1976 when as a high school senior, after taking an astronomy course during my junior year, I volunteered as an astronomy student technician.  There I learned how to operate a small planetarium, maintain the class telescopes and built my own 8" F/8 Newtonian.  I attended the University of Arizona to study Astronomy, worked at the Flandreau Planetarium and ended up receiving a Bachelor of Science degree... Continue Reading

M. Esakki Muthuraju: Student Chapter: Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology

Happy 100th Anniversary to OSA.  I Love learning and teaching Physics.  As a part of our OSA Chapter Optics Outreach Activity, I got an opportunity to go to rural schools and orphanages to demonstrate the Optics related phenomena such as Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion.  The students have a different kind of learning experience which is new to them.  We have used the posters, CDs and Optics suitcase issued to our chapter.  We spread the awareness about the... Continue Reading